Caitlin Clark’s dad is confirmed not a fan of Iowa star complaining to refs

Caitlin Clark's dad just wants her to focus on what she can control.

Ohio State v Iowa
Ohio State v Iowa / Matthew Holst/GettyImages

A good parent is an honest parent. Caitlin Clark can surely say she has that in her father, Brent Clarke, who played college ball of his own at Simpson College.

During Iowa's beatdown of Holy Cross in the first round of the women's March Madness tournament, Clark came over to the sideline dismayed over a foul that was called on her. The camera cut to Clark's dad, who was in the area of where she was yelling -- it's unclear if she was complaining to him directly, or if he just happened to be in the area -- with Brent yelling, "shut up!" and then shaking his head.

Caitlin Clark's dad keeps the standard high for Iowa superstar

While there's a read on the interaction that paints Brent as the bad guy, it's a stance most coaches would take in an instance like this. Getting caught up in the ticky-tack of fouls and complaining about calls or no-calls pulls a player's attention away from what they can directly control in regards to the game.

Furthermore, Iowa's four other players were huddled up, scheming and getting on the same page while Clark ventured over to the sideline to vent.

While there are certainly some calls that can be debated as right or wrong, in the heat of a game best you can do is press on and keep playing your best. Allowing your mentality to slip into the ledger of bad calls is a slippery slope, even in a game that Iowa had in the bag early.

Clark has become the best player in Iowa basketball history, and easily one of the best (maybe the best) in women's college ball ever. She's the leading scorer of all-time in raw points and points per game with 31.9. She's expected to go first overall in this year's WNBA Draft.

She's earned her reputation, but her inner circle holding her to the high standard she's set for herself, even in a runaway game, speaks volumes about how, exactly, she's gotten to this level.

Iowa won the game, 91-65. Clark had 27 points, eight rebounds, and 10 assists, and at least one parental scolding.