Caleb Williams’ NIL earnings at USC were indeed as lucrative as imagined

Caleb Williams made a whole lot of money through NIL at USC and that's only a good thing for the Trojans as they look ahead to life without him.

USC Trojans quarterback Caleb Williams
USC Trojans quarterback Caleb Williams / Jason Parkhurst-USA TODAY Sports

In another era, a USC Heisman Trophy winner was stripped of his awards and disassociated for 10 years because his parents had their rent taken care of at a modest home near San Diego.

Things have certainly changed.

The NIL era has allowed college football stars to profit off their name, image and likeness. USC quarterback Caleb Williams has taken full advantage

Williams' NIL earnings were in the area of $10 million over the last two years at USC, according to Kalyn Kahler of The Athletic. With prominent ad campaigns for Dr. Pepper, Wendy's and more, it's easy to see where that money came from.

Williams will certainly make more money when he becomes the No. 1 pick in the NFL Draft but he's not so far away from rookie deal money. Bryce Young's rookie deal as the top pick in 2023 is putting an average of $9.4 million in his bank account each year.

That's the new reality for college football players. And the reason more and more are choosing to return to school instead of chasing the NFL dream too soon.

It won't be too soon for Williams though. He's been destined for this spot since he thrilled as a true freshman at Oklahoma. He's more than proved himself as a generational NFL quarterback prospect.

How Caleb Williams' NIL money can help USC

The dollars Williams earned in Los Angeles can only be a boon to the Trojans. Lincoln Riley and his staff have a commitment from 2025 five-star quarterback Julian "JuJu" Lewis but they're facing competition from Georgia and others for his signature.

USC hasn't exactly thrown itself around in the NIL space, taking a cautious approach in hopes of avoiding the NCAA attention and legal battles Tennessee and Florida State have stumbled into. However, the Trojans have long insisted they have enough NIL power to compete at the top levels of college football.

Williams is proof that any quarterback in Cardinal and Gold will have plenty of earning power in Los Angeles.

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