Cam Jordan gives the Saints a wake-up call before the NFL offseason starts

Cam Jordan gave the New Orleans Saints an offseason wake-up call, but will it fall on deaf ears?

Cameron Jordan, New Orleans Saints
Cameron Jordan, New Orleans Saints / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

Cam Jordan has a fantastic career in media waiting for him after he retires. But for the time being, the perennial Pro Bowl pass-rusher for the New Orleans Saints wants to keep helping the only NFL team he has ever played for win more games. Jordan was making the rounds during the lead up to the Super Bowl this past week, including this soundbite that occurred on the Around the NFL podcast.

Jordan implied that the Saints might have a cultural problem in-house. He is not going to put on the hat of a general manager because he's been there, done that with Mickey Loomis calling the shots for The Bensons. However, you just kind of wonder what direction they are going in. They have Derek Carr under center, but aren't anywhere close to seriously contending for a trip to the Super Bowl.

Clearly, missing out on the NFC playoffs the last three years has Jordan questioning some things.

“I've learned to not put my GM hat on. I've played this game and it never worked out well ... You learn to shut the hell up and let the up top do what. They’re supposed to want more. We’re three years dry of the playoffs. Maybe a culture shock needs to happen?"

Jordan does seem to have some level of self-awareness in that the Saints might ask him to leave.

"I think there’s a core group of our players that push positivity, whatever it is, and in fact I loved our locker room this year. But if our locker room isn’t winning at a high rate, things are going to have to shake. One day they’re going to be like, ‘Hey, Cam. Your time, bud.’ And I’ll be like, hey, I hope the Saints keep on winning. Whatever it takes. I just want the Saints to win.”

Although he is well on his way towards a hall-of-fame career, Jordan is already in his mid-30s.

Cam Jordan hints that the New Orleans Saints may need a culture shock

Look. I get it. From the beginning of the Drew Brees-Sean Payton partnership, the Saints have been the best team in the NFC South. Although all three of their rivals have been to Super Bowls more recently than the Saints, they still have that one Lombardi Trophy to look back on from 2009. There was a bit of a lull roughly halfway through Brees' time in New Orleans, but the Saints did rectify that.

But ever since Tom Brady decided that he had enough of The Patriot Way, it has been the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' division. Although the Saints won the NFC South during COVID, it was the Buccaneers won the Super Bowl that season, as well as the last three division titles. Atlanta and Carolina have not been good at all for the last several years or so, but could be trending up under new coaching staffs.

And I think that is where it all goes back to for the Saints. Payton abruptly retiring caught them completely off-guard. They panic-hired Dennis Allen from within to replace him. He has been okay, but nothing more as a head coach. Payton returned last year with the Denver Broncos. I think if the Saints want to get back to their winning ways, they need to reboot this thing with their head coach.

Jordan could be a cap casualty at some point, but we all know where his allegiances currently lie.

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