3 Oli Marmol replacements Cardinals should already be eyeing for 2025

The St. Louis Cardinals find themselves at an inflection point. If they can't bounce back into contention, they may need to go a different direction with their manager

St. Louis Cardinals v Philadelphia Phillies
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2. Joe Maddon

Joe Maddon is another intriguing possibility. Not unlike Showalter, he is a proven winner who would be able to quickly gain the respect of the players and he played a key role in the turnaround of the Chicago Cubs in 2015. He also performed the same magic with the Tampa Bay Rays in 2008 and led them to four postseason appearances, including an AL pennant.

Better yet, current Cardinals catcher Willson Contreras played under Maddon during his time in Chicago, winning a World Series title in 2016, while bench coach Daniel Descalso played under him in 2019.

So, while Maddon may be going to a new place, he would be able to reunite with two of his former players.

Maddon also grew up a fan of the Cardinals, and even was considered for the managerial opening after Tony La Russa retired at the end of the 2011 season. It might be smart for the Cardinals to consider giving Maddon a chance.

Maddon's track record precedes him, one that includes winning and changing the fortunes of teams that were down on their luck. The Rays and the Cubs can attest to that. He last managed the Los Angeles Angels before being let go in 2022.