CFB chairman completely ignores Michigan cheating scandal: ‘An NCAA issue’

CFP chairman Boo Corrigan is turning a blind eye to what's going on in Michigan right now.

Michigan v Michigan State
Michigan v Michigan State / Gregory Shamus/GettyImages

College Football Playoff selection committee chair Boo Corrigan made some comments on Tuesday that will rile plenty of feathers.

Amid the ongoing sign-stealing scandal in Michigan, Corrigan shrugged off the entire controversy and basically told fans it was in the NCAA's jurisdiction.

The NCAA launched an investigation into Michigan's alleged violations relating to sign-stealing less than a month ago, and the investigation could drag out for longer than expected given the mounting cases of evidence.

That's none of the CFP committee's concern in 2023. According to Corrigan, the committee's sole job is to rank the teams. Michigan is currently No. 3 in the latest CFP rankings.

CFP washes its hands of messy NCAA investigation into Michigan scandal

For playoff contenders wondering if Michigan would be disqualified from the playoff field this year, Corrigan's comments dealt a pessimistic blow.

The CFP committee is reportedly not taking the Wolverines' sign-stealing crimes into consideration in their rankings, and Corrigan has every intention of "following the protocols."

Corrigan briefly elaborated: "Our job as we look at it is to rank the teams and to follow our protocols. As we went through it, that wasn’t part of any of the discussions that occurred during our time together. We really view it as an NCAA issue, not a CFP issue. At this point in time, as we’re looking at this, we want to make sure we get not just the top four teams but the top 25 teams, right?”

Corrigan's clarification makes sense from a by-the-book standpoint. Michigan's rivals will be the ones deeming this treatment as unfair and will continue looking for ways to take down a school currently wading knee-deep in controversy.

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