Charlie Culberson's spring training debut as a pitcher went surprisingly well

What if I told you there is a chance that Charlie Culberson pitches for the Atlanta Braves this year?

Charlie Culberson, Atlanta Braves
Charlie Culberson, Atlanta Braves / Brandon Sloter/GettyImages

The legend of Charlie Culberson grows by the nanosecond. After spending the bulk of his career as a clutch pinch-hitter and Dansby Swanson's older doppelgänger brother when they both played for the Atlanta Braves, Culberson is trying to make the 2024 Braves as a pitcher. Who does Culberson think he is, Charlie Throwberson? Honestly, why not? I am in the interesting business, and this sustains me.

During his spring training debut, Culberson apparently pitched one inning of scoreless relief. He may have allowed a single to Rene Pinto, but he forced two ground outs and got another hitter for the Tampa Bay Rays to pop up. So Culberson is a contact pitcher? We can only hope he induces more groundballs than flyballs for whenever the Braves play in the Philadelphia Phillies' miniscule ballpark.

With upwards of two relief pitcher spots available to be had in spring training, I am all for Culberson replacing Jackson Stephens as the Braves' 12th man. No, this isn't football, but the same principle applies. When the Braves need some relief, Stephens looked like a guy crushing Coors Lights at the Chop House, who was ready to toe the rubber and give the people what they wanted: Undeniable gas.

Culberson hails from Braves Country anyway, so he might be ready for the role of a lifetime with this.

Culberson as the Braves' new 12th man will be greater than Gary Busey playing Buddy Holly, baby!

Charlie Culberson just became even more of an Atlanta Braves legend

For those who have never been to the Chop House before, this is where you enjoy the finer things in life while casually watching Braves baseball. It is more about booing Bryce Harper relentlessly in between devouring hot dogs than anything. Just remember, your beloved Atlanta Braves have won more World Series Championships throughout Harper's illustrious career in the NL East than ... him!

To be fair, Culberson is just too nice to be the quintessential Braves' 12th man. Then again, he is a man of the people, and that is what really matters at the end of the day. There would be nothing greater than for Culberson to come out of the bullpen, by way of the Chop House of course, to some Luke Bryan and then proceed to strike out three straight Phillies hitters to give them a delightful L.

Ultimately, this might be more of a schtick than Garth Brooks trying to make the New York Mets. In between Calling Baton Rouge, he had enough time to get a photo with Randi Mahomes and her young son Patrick while Pat was probably getting loose in the bullpen. The only way this can be outdone by Culberson is if Patrick Mahomes decides to be the Kansas City Royals closer during an NFL lockout.

"Heroes get remembered, but legends never die." - Babe Ruth's astral projection from The Sandlot.

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