3 Chicago Bears who need to be benched or fired amid Week 2 chaos

The Chicago Bears are a complete mess. Justin Fields called out the coaching staff, and injuries are abound. Yet, some players are more to blame than others.

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Chicago Bears who should be benched or fired: DC Alan Williams

While Fields comments certainly stole the headlines on Wednesday, buried underneath that drama was what Matt Eberflus did (or did not say) about his defensive coordinator. Chicago's defense has been brutal to start the season, making Jordan Love and Baker Mayfield look like Tom Brady and Peyton Manning, respectively.

Something is wrong with the Bears defense, which previously had been a strong point for this team. Because of that, Williams may very well be on the hot seat himself. When asked about Williams future with the team, Eberflus gave a strangely-vague answer.

“I do not have an update on Alan Williams right now,” Eberflus said when asked by CHGO’s Nicholas Moreano

Multiple outlets followed up with Eberflus, but he gave the same answer as to Williams future and current employment with the organization. It's unclear whether Williams has been fired, or remains with the team but under close watch.

For all I know, Williams may already be off the team. If he's not, though, he ought to be let go for his failures over the past two weeks alone.