What is the Cubs magic number? Chicago still has to finish strong

The Chicago Cubs have to finish strong if they want to clinch a postseason berth. Chicago's magic number remains relatively high.
Arizona Diamondbacks v Chicago Cubs
Arizona Diamondbacks v Chicago Cubs / Nuccio DiNuzzo/GettyImages

Four straight losses against the Colorado Rockies and Arizona Diamondbacks put the Chicago Cubs in a rough spot entering their Sunday Night Baseball game with Jordan Wicks on the mound. Despite the rumored return of Marcus Stroman in a bullpen role, the Cubs need to rely on their bats to provide some much-needed run support for Wicks, who has been excellent so far this season.

It's been a memorable year in Chicago -- one that begin with disappointment and talks of a trade deadline unraveling of sorts. Yet, the Cubs chose to hang onto Stroman, Cody Bellinger and so many others. But for the 2023 North Siders to truly be remembered, they must return to the postseason, or it was all for naught.

What is the Chicago Cubs magic number?

The Chicago Cubs magic number to win the NL Central is 20 games, although it's far more likely that they compete for one of the NL Wild Card spots. Milwaukee holds a sound advantage in the division, as they lead the Central by six games over the Cubs, and seven games over the Cincinnati Reds. Chicago's magic number to clinch an NL Wild Card spot is 12, as the Reds are currently 1.5 games behind their NL Central rival.

What is a magic number in baseball?

Magic numbers are not just about wins and losses but combined together in relation to another team in question. Basically, a magic number is the number of combined wins and losses a leading team needs over another to clinch something of significance, like a division title or wild card berth.

What is the Milwaukee Brewers magic number?

As of this writing the Brewers magic number to clinch the NL Central is just eight, while their magic number to clinch a postseason spot in general is six. That number can be accrued via Milwaukee wins, or losses by the teams they are competing with, such as the Cubs and Reds.

Have the Chicago Cubs clinched a playoff spot?

No, the Cubs haven't yet clinched a playoff spot. Chicago remains in control of their own destiny, but losses to teams like the Arizona Diamondbacks and Colorado Rockies have put them in a tough spot. The Cincinnati Reds are right on their tail.

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