3 Chiefs who can’t repeat disaster from Week 1 against the Jaguars

The Chiefs were a disaster with Travis Kelce out in Week 1's loss to the Lions and these three players can't repeat that performance against the Jaguars.
Detroit Lions v Kansas City Chiefs
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Chiefs who can't repeat Week 1 disaster, No. 2: Isiah Pacheco

Because of the piling-on that was done with the Chiefs wide receivers after the Week 1 loss to the Lions, the fact that the run game was completely ineffective might've gone overlooked. Granted, part of that might have to do with the struggles of Smith and Taylor at tackle, but you also have to look at a player like Isiah Pacheco and certainly demand more from the second-year running back.

Pacheco led Kansas City in carries -- though it was only eight -- and didn't do much at all on the ground. He ended the loss with ust 23 yards rushing and a long run of a mere seven yards. That 2.9 yards per carry average is not ever going to be a positive factor to making this offense effective.

It should be noted that Pacheco did have a positive impact in the passing game, catching all four of his targets against Detroit for 31 yards. But even then, that's not the second-year player's game. He made his bones as a rookie last season as a tough, downhill runner who could open up the rushing attack for the Chiefs. If he's not doing that, his effectiveness to the offense is much more limited.

Again, part of the equation for Pacheco taking a step forward from a disastrous Week 1 is on the offensive line doing their job more effectively. At the same time, though, the running back needs to make more of the touches he gets to alleviate pressure on Mahomes and the pass-catchers by consistently picking up the chunks of yardage he's expected to when he gets a carry.