Chiefs fans furious after questionable holding penalty takes TD off the board

What happened to the script?

Kansas City Chiefs guard Trey Smith
Kansas City Chiefs guard Trey Smith / Eric Canha-USA TODAY Sports

The first 29 minutes of the AFC Championship Game between the Baltimore Ravens and Kansas City Chiefs were all about the brilliance of Lamar Jackson, Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce.

The last minute was all about the refs.

Chiefs offensive lineman Trey Smith was hit with back-to-back holding penalties. Both were questionable calls but the second on a screen pass to Rashee Rice cost Kansas City a touchdown.

Members of NFL media were confused by the call.

Former Chiefs lineman Mitchell Schwartz called out the refs for the questionable call given the context.

Chiefs fans were livid over refs taking a touchdown away

Meanwhile, fans were furious about the potential impact that call might have on the game.

There's no question that a narrow loss for Kansas City will have fans referencing that call for a long time.

The Chiefs would have been up over the Ravens by two touchdowns if that Rice touchdown had stood. Instead, it was called back and Kansas City had to settle for a field go to head into halftime ahead by 10.

Mahomes was immense in the first half with completions on his first 11 passes. Kelce was at his best with a touchdown and a series of clutch catches to move the chains.

Fans will always have complaints about the refs. Ravens fans certainly had plenty to say about other refereeing decisions in the first half. It's just a shame when the refs take a touchdown off the board on a dubious call.

With any luck, the officials will be less involed in the rest of the game, but this is the NFL, so it's not worth betting on that.

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