A Chiefs-Rams draft trade to land Kansas City its next Tyreek Hill at wide receiver

Here is how the Kansas City Chiefs get their next Tyreek Hill in Texas wide receiver Xavier Worthy.

Xavier Worthy, Texas Longhorns
Xavier Worthy, Texas Longhorns / Tim Warner/GettyImages

Is Xavier Worthy worthy of trading up for if you are a great team that is desperate for a wide receiver like the Kansas City Chiefs are? I don't know, but the former Texas star sure is fast! Speed kills, and the Chiefs knew all about that when the employed Tyreek Hill. Now that he is another year removed from playing for them, the Chiefs offense has gotten a lot less explosive for one very obvious reason.

Given that the Chiefs have an unprecedented three-peat on the horizon, they must get more dynamic in the receiving game to give Patrick Mahomes and company an honest chance in that endeavor. To me, I wouldn't move up that far for what will likely be a gadget player in the NFL, but for a team like the Chiefs, I would allow it. Plus, it is not like the Los Angeles Rams have shown any interest in drafting.

Here is a trade proposal Chad Reuter of NFL.com put out in his latest four-round NFL mock draft.

Xavier Worthy to Chiefs from Rams

If you wanted to give the Rams an additional mid-round pick in 2025, be my guest, but again, the Rams have no interest in ever drafting players. To me, this is a massive reach on Worthy, who is maybe a top-four wide receiver in his draft class. Then again, the Chiefs have a loaded roster and may not have enough space for all of their draft picks to make the team. Give up this much feels so steep.

While I may not love this draft-day trade, I would hate it if the Chiefs were not the team involved here.

What Kansas City Chiefs will have to give up to trade up for Xavier Worthy

For my money, I would rather sit back at No. 32 and see how the draft board follows. Surely, there are better trade partners than the Rams picking at No. 19. I mean, we are talking about moving up 13 spots in the draft order to get a track star at wide receiver. Again, I would pan this maneuver if it were anyone other than the Chiefs. They have earned the benefit of the doubt to give up the farm for him.

While I would say that the Rams are a reasonable trade partner because they are in opposite conferences and in different parts of their competitive life cycle, that is still too far of a climb to make in one fell swoop. Besides, I am sure you can wait a few picks and trade up with some other NFC franchise picking later like the Dallas Cowboys, the Green Bay Packers or the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Overall, the fit seems to be very obvious for the Chiefs. Worthy can suffice the role vacated by Hill years ago. While the Chiefs seem to get value in most of their selections made by general manager Brett Veach, you would rather him trade up for a George Karlaftis out of Purdue than you would to trade up for a Clyde Edwards-Helaire out of LSU. Not all first-round picks are the same, so there's that!

There is a clearly-defined gap between WR3 and WR4 in the 2024 NFL Draft, so buyer beware of that.

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