Chiefs rumors: Hardman begged Chiefs to save him, Chris Jones timeline, Locker room woes

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Super Bowl LVIII - San Francisco 49ers v Kansas City Chiefs
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Chiefs Rumors: Locker room woes

Today, the NFL Players Association revealed its second-ever player team report card for all 32 teams in the league. The survey is intended to “improve the overall working conditions for our players, which includes the daily experience of players at the team facilities away from the lights and cameras,” per the NFLPA’s official website.

Whether teams like it or not, this information becomes public knowledge. For some organizations, it can shine a positive light on how things are run off the field. For others, it can expose the flaws and inefficiencies that fans don’t normally see, like the Kansas City Chiefs.

Despite winning their second straight Super Bowl this season and becoming the ninth franchise in league history to accomplish said feat, the Chiefs are the 31st-ranked team out of 32 in the NFLPA report card, per FOX 4 Kansas City’s PJ Green.

Green cites Kansas City’s locker room as the primary concern. After the players were promised renovations following the conclusion of the 2022 season, the Chiefs responded by giving them chairs “with backs to sit in at their lockers,” but that wasn’t enough to overlook the fact that the locker room wasn’t refurbished. It was reported that the locker room promises weren't delivered on because the Chiefs got too far in the playoffs. Punished for success?

It should be noted that the Chiefs unveiled the rendering for renovating Arrowhead Stadium today. Is this merely a coincidence? Or is Kansas City trying to get ahead of the curve and save face after being put on blast in the player team report card?