Chiefs LB leads Super Bowl parade shirtless running through the streets

The Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl parade took place on Wednesday afternoon, and linebacker Willie Gay Jr. had himself a grand ol' time.


Taylor Swift may not have attended the Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl parade on Wednesday afternoon, but Willie Gay Jr. was there, and frankly, that's enough.

Gay Jr. had himself a grand old time, leading the Chiefs double-decker busses through the parade route without his shirt on. Gay Jr. celebrated the Chiefs third Super Bowl in five years face-to-face with the fans, rather than hiding two stories up like his teammates.

The Kansas City linebacker has been a prominent member of two of those teams -- specifically the back-to-back Super Bowls the Chiefs have won the last two seasons. Gay Jr. started a total of 28 games over the last two years.

Gay Jr. is a free agent after this season. It's unclear if he's in the Chiefs long-term plans, but if these were his final moments as a member of the Kansas City football franchise, he made the most of them.

Willie Gay Jr. is to the Chiefs as Tom Brady was to the Bucs

While Gay Jr. doesn't have much in common with Tom Brady on the field, as the two play far different positions and haven't crossed paths in the league, they both know how to party. After Tampa Bay won a Super Bowl with Brady back in the 2021-22 season, Brady had a little too much fun at the Buccaneers Super Bowl parade, even tossing the Lombardi Trophy across open water to another boat. While we trust Brady's arm more than most, it was still a bold decision.

Brady visibly stumbled his way through the parade route and eventually home. Gay Jr. held his liquor better than Brady, but the open container he's carrying in the photo above suggests he had some liquid confidence. I can hardly blame him.

Gay Jr. is just one of several key free agents the Chiefs will aim to re-sign this offseason. While Chris Jones has already declared his intentions at the Super Bowl parade, Gay Jr.'s negotiations are bound to be a bit more complicated.

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