Chris Paul claims Adam Silver is lying about Scott Foster conversation

Chris Paul might've just caught Adam Silver in a lie during his postgame presser.
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The Golden State Warriors defeated the Portland Trail Blazers 110-106 on Wednesday night. After sustaining a leg injury against the Sacramento Kings on Nov. 28, Chris Paul missed three games. In his first game back, Paul tallied two points, six assists, and three rebounds.

This season has been somewhat of a rollercoaster for the Warriors with a 10-11 record. The team lost six straight games in November, including five at home. Additionally, for those who weren't already aware, NBA fans were introduced to the Chris Paul versus Scott Foster narrative. Following Paul's ejection from the Warriors-Suns game on Nov 22, Chris Paul told reporters his issue with Scott Foster is personal. Paul explained that it's been this way since he was a Clipper.

In light of this, NBA commissioner Adam Silver recently appeared on SiriusXM NBA Radio. During this interview, Silver explained the league's stance on the Chris Paul and Scott Foster situation. Silver said the expectation is that the two, "don't have to be friends but you both have to go out and do your jobs."

Chris Paul claims Adam Silver hasn't reached out

Following their recent victory over the Blazers, a reporter asked Chris Paul if he'd seen the commissioner's response. Paul responded, "He said he talked to us? Nah. Nah aint nobody called me since all that happened." When Paul was asked what his reaction was to seeing what Silver had said, Paul just re-iterated, "I don't know. I haven't talked to Adam."

"I mean usually sometimes [the league] call or interview you something like that, aint nobody text or called or nothing since it happened." Paul said. You could sense Paul's frustration. When asked if he expects anything to change, Paul responded, "I don't know. Ain't nothing ever changed as far as that." Paul admits a meeting did occur, but that it happened a few years ago. As far as recent conversations go, Chris Paul clearly hasn't spoken with the commissioner. Although Chris Paul said. "We talk pretty often, so I figure we'll talk at some point," One can only wonder what that conversation will be like.

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