College football fans expose how new clock rules just make more time for ads

College Football has been hit with a new wave of ads. What are fans saying about the new influx of capitalism?
Virginia v Syracuse
Virginia v Syracuse / Bryan Bennett/GettyImages

Fans on college football Reddit have pointed out that the new college football rules have allowed for more time for advertisements and less time for gameplay on the field. The new college football rules have changed clock-stop rules to only stop when a first down happens during the last two minutes of the game.

A Twitter account called BigOrangeHeupal found that from 6:30 to 7:30 CST, there was more commercial time than actual gameplay. A Reddit account pointed out the whole ad time which lasted for 55 minutes and 57 seconds. The whole game lasted for 2 hours and 23 minutes. Looking at both, the ad time was almost 1/3 of the actual game. This does not count ad time that is usually reserved for in-game ads which often occur during a break in the game action.

Is college football getting ruined by the frequent use of ads?

The amount of ads in a college football game is extreme and has certainly increased since last season. Still, the game had a lot of commercials in Week 1 opening games. It can get a bit tiring if you are watching a single game by itself, which is why it might be smart to watch multiple games at once.

The new rules have made the game go a lot quicker which was documented this week by Tej Seth. This data does not include the games that happened on Sep. 3, but the game is a lot quicker than before.

The average plays per game is down to 117, which is 14 fewer plays than last season. Drives are also down as well from 24.0 per game to 21.7 per game. Clearly, the game has gone a lot quicker. As long as both sides are playing by the same rules, all seems fair though.

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