College football NIL news: General Booty gets appropriate NIL deal

In what is the best NIL deal of all-time, General Booty has his own NIL deal. What is the best way for him to increase his media presence?
Oklahoma State v Oklahoma
Oklahoma State v Oklahoma / Brian Bahr/GettyImages

In what might be the best NIL deal in the all-time history of college football, General Booty has teamed up with Rock'em Socks for a NIL deal. In the deal, he launched an underwear collection which includes, "releasing two pairs of underwear and socks". The underwear has the word Booty on it, as you might expect.

This deal should be a hit among diehard college football fans. If this NIL deal is successful, then the backup QB will have plenty more deals he could make before he graduates. In all likelihood, General Booty will end up not playing any significant snaps for Oklahoma this season. He's typically viewed as the fourth QB on the depth chart.

Despite the fact that Booty is not a noteworthy player on the field, he has a lot of NIL value off the field, simply due to the fact that he has been able to embrace his funny name. He has done a lot of good with his NIL deals as he has donated 20 percent of his NIL deals to charity. One could think that if Oklahoma could reach 9 or 10 wins and reach a noteworthy bowl, Booty could turn that attention to his team into more valuable NIL deals.

Do the Sooners have a chance to reach the double digit win column in order to allow Booty to have more of a social media presence?

Oklahoma's last season in the Big 12 will be led by Dillon Gabriel. Gabriel is one of the better QBs in the country. While he will not have as good of a season as last year due to some of his playmakers departing, Gabriel can still sling it. The offense should be fine for the Sooners. The defense, on the other hand, did not improve that much from last season and they still do not have a good defense.

Even though the defense is poor, the strength of schedule for Oklahoma should at least allow for good season. The only real unbeatable opponent is Texas. With that in mind, Oklahoma could end up in the 7 or 8 win range. This is short of the double digit column, but should allow for even more media presence for General Booty.

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