5 College Football Playoff contenders who haven’t played like it yet

Not every College Football Playoff contender has played like it up to this point, including these five.

Georgia Bulldogs, South Carolina Gamecocks
Georgia Bulldogs, South Carolina Gamecocks / Steve Limentani/ISI Photos/GettyImages
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3. Michigan Wolverines has shown us nothing in the non-conference

This should be the year that Michigan unites and takes over college football. While the Wolverines still most definitely could, their incredibly weak non-conference schedule really did nothing for us at all. Whether it be East Carolina, UNLV or Bowling Green, Michigan scored in the 30s and surrendered less than 10. Again, we have seen three preseason games without Jim Harbaugh at the helm, and that is it!

While I still view them as the favorite to come out of the Big Ten for the third year in a row and make the College Football Playoff, what have we seen that leads us to believe that the Wolverines will not be one-and-done in the postseason again? Big Ten play will define their season, but it remains to be seen if they will have what it takes to beat the likes of Ohio State and Penn State once again this year.

Ultimately, Michigan is still in great shape, especially with Harbaugh coming back from his three-week burger party. However, it is going to be hard to give this team the benefit of the doubt if they were to slip up. Keep in mind that Ohio State and Penn State actually had the stones to call someone up in the Power Five to play them in the non-conference. Michigan may be the best, but they need to prove it.

Michigan should still be seen as the second-best team in the nation, but needs to build on last year.