College football rankings: Should Georgia still be No. 1 over Michigan?

The Georgia Bulldogs have been the No. 1 team in the nation all season long, but with how inconsistent they have been at times and how well Michigan has looked, should they flip spots?

Kendall Milton, Georgia Bulldogs
Kendall Milton, Georgia Bulldogs / Carly Mackler/GettyImages

Despite improving to 7-0 on the year heading into their bye week, the No. 1 Georgia Bulldogs have played with their food more than they have in recent years. The two-time defending national champions could still get back to and win the final four-team College Football Playoff, but they were nearly put on upset alert by... Vanderbilt. This team needs a bye week in the worst way imaginable.

Could there have been a look-ahead component before the bye week ahead of Florida? Sure, that might be part of it, but it is apparent that Clark Lea's Commodores aren't easy like Sunday morning any more. Meanwhile, the No. 2 Michigan Wolverines could be marking themselves as the Dawgs' equals over in Big Ten Country. They also improved to 7-0 after thrashing the Indiana Hoosiers.

Pretty much every week since the start of the year, Georgia has lost more and more first-place votes in the AP Top 25. After crushing Kentucky last week, everybody assumed that the Dawgs were indeed the best team in college football. They still might be, and probably still are, but something new and shiny may be too enticing for some AP voters. Should Michigan overtake Georgia as the No. 1 team?

No, not even close. Michigan should stay No. 2, just like the percentage of milk Jim Harbaugh drinks.

College football rankings: Georgia should remain No. 1 over Michigan

There are four things that are in Georgia's favor over Michigan. The first is the Dawgs have won the last two national titles. The Selection Committee may feel differently, but the reigning national champion should be ranked No. 1 until they lose a game. Another thing is that the Dawgs won their first national title under Kirby Smart by absolutely wiping the floor with Michigan in the Orange Bowl.

The third is although Georgia has not played anyone of substance in the non-conference, did Michigan play anyone good? If the Wolverines had a win over a halfway decent ACC team, that might be enough to change the narrative in their favor here. Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades. And fourth, Georgia has the best win among the two teams, and that was over Kentucky.

I think if Michigan beats Penn State and Ohio State soundly at the end of the season before cleaning either Iowa or Wisconsin's clock in Indianapolis to get 13-0, that might be enough to convince the Selection Committee that they are deserving of the No. 1 spot over Georgia, especially if the Dawgs keep playing with their food. Michigan would chose the Rose Bowl anyway, as Georgia loves its Sugar.

While I don't agree with the AP voters who may put Michigan first over Georgia, I get where they are coming from. Georgia fatigue is real, just like Michigan's two losses in the national semifinals were very real and very embarrassing. Perhaps third time's a chance? Regardless, Michigan is probably only facing Georgia in Houston this year. This is the national championship game we are all craving.

We need to see how the Penn State and Tennessee games shake out before flipping these teams.

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