Anthony Richardson sends borderline apology to Eagles fans for cocky preseason celebration

New Indianapolis Colts starting quarterback Anthony Richardson may one day regret flapping his wings in front of all those delightful Philadelphia Eagles at the Linc on a Thursday night.

Anthony Richardson, Indianapolis Colts. (Bryan M. Bennett/GettyImages)
Anthony Richardson, Indianapolis Colts. (Bryan M. Bennett/GettyImages) / Bryan M. Bennett/GettyImages

Anthony Richardson foolishly flapped his wings in front of Philadelphia Eagles fans on Thursday.

There are no Angels in the Outfield at Lincoln Financial Field, only boo birds and projectile batteries.

Anthony Richardson could be the savior the Indianapolis Colts have craved for since Andrew Luck abruptly retired four preseasons ago. However, he could be the next JaMarcus Russell, as his lack of awareness was on full display in the Colts' final preseason game vs. the defending NFC champions at their place. Richardson flapped his wings to troll Philadelphia Eagles at the Linc in a preseason game.

There is nothing Philadelphia sports fans hate more than when they feel they are being marginalized.

Richardson may have kind of sort of apologized for this ("I was just having fun. I hope nobody takes it the wrong way."), but he should be thanking his lucky stars the Colts play in the AFC, and not the NFC.

Indianapolis Colts QB Anthony Richardson trolls Philadelphia Eagles fans

This is a preseason game, and nothing more. But that's not going to change the fact that Philadelphia will take any perceived slight thrown its way and make a mountain out of a mole hill from it. It is in their nature as rabid sports fans; it is what they do. As far as what the Colts do, well, they don't win AFC South division titles anymore. Pat McAfee was Luck's Colts teammate the last time this happened...

The goal is for Richardson to be a difference maker under center in Shane Steichen's offense. While I have faith that this partnership can help bring the Colts back to national relevancy, in a good way, we all have to remember that Jim Irsay still owns this franchise. To say he has been an issue the franchise can't overcome of late would be putting it mildly. The Jacksonville Jaguars are better run than them...

Overall, I am utterly intrigued about Richardson's upside as an NFL player. He could be the next Cam Newton or the next Josh Allen. Even if he is the next Vince Young, that gives us five years worth of insatiable content to create out of whatever he does on the football field. It'll be great. What won't be great is Eagles fans booing Richardson and flapping their wings the next time they play Indianapolis.

For now, let's enjoy Richardson playing the game of football with a college student-esque flair to him.

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