Cowboys’ Dak Prescott approach risks crippling franchise’s future

It feels like only yesterday that we had to talk about Dak Prescott's contract every waking moment.

Dak Prescott, Dallas Cowboys
Dak Prescott, Dallas Cowboys / Richard Rodriguez/GettyImages

Like Jacobim Mugatu, I feel like I'm taking crazy pills. It wasn't that long ago, but long enough ago to make me not-so-fondly remember the absolutely mind-numbing Dak Prescott/Dallas Cowboys contract dispute. He was franchise tagged, or something like that. It drug out all the way until the middle of the summer some four or five years ago. Yes, he got a four-year deal, but that years ago...

Flash forward to the early part of the 2024 NFL offseason. Prescott is playing on the final year of his Cowboys contract. He is slated to make $40 million this fall, with deferred money kicked out to 2028. If nothing happens between now and the start of next season, Prescott will be hitting free agency in 2025 ahead of his age-32 season out of Mississippi State. He will make a fortune in NFL free agency.

Given that Prescott has spent his entire career playing for Dallas since being a fourth-round pick way back in 2016, he may want to stay. Then again, if he were to walk, that might set in motion a complete rebuild for this always underperforming team. Owner Jerry Jones isn't getting any younger. With head coach Mike McCarthy's seat hotter than the freaking sun, I could understand Dallas doing that.

According to The NFL Network's Ian Rapoport, "no indication a deal is coming" for Prescott this year.

Jones has a terrible habit of letting his coaches work on expiring deals, so why not his quarterback?

Dallas Cowboys are playing with fire over Dak Prescott contract situation

While Jones would surely love to win one more Super Bowl before his time with us is up, it is more important to him to have the Cowboys be covered by the masses way more than they have earned. They are the league's most popular team, but they have had little to cheer for in most postseasons since the middle part of the Clinton Administration. The last thing Jones wants is for Dallas to be irrelevant.

If Prescott were to walk, that might be the case. Should he stick around, surely, he could gel with whatever head coach The Joneses choose to keep up with The Joneses with next offseason. We're overdue to see that wunderkind from Muleshoe, Texas coach his home state's team. Even if it were to happen, maybe the Cowboys go with a complete and total reset after losing in the Wild Card round?

So if Prescott were to walk, who is starring in Big D in 2025? Will it be Texas native Quinn Ewers from over in Austin? How about that cool kid from Jacksonville over in Athens in Carson Beck? Actually, what about the son of a Cowboys legend who spins it for the Buffs in Boulder in Shedeur Sanders. See, this might be why the Cowboys are not going to pay Prescott a moment earlier than they should.

This is a dangerous game the Cowboys are playing, but Jones is an oil man who lives to roll the dice.

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