Cowboys rumors: Injury problems won't stop, Parsons insane prep, Diggs replacement readiness

  • Trevon Diggs replacement appears ready for his increased role
  • Micah Parsons is being prepped in practice in insane way, but it should work
  • Cowboys have more injury problems ahead of Week 3

Las Vegas Raiders v Dallas Cowboys
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Trevon Diggs replacement is hyping up for his increased role

There is no one-for-one replacement for Trevon Diggs. He's too good, too dynamic, and the Dallas Cowboys losing him for the season to a torn ACL is a massive concern. There's no way to spin the injury as a positive for Dallas, but it does give the Boys a chance to flex their secondary depth.

Head coach Mike McCarthy preached as much to the media this week, saying he felt the opportunity for the secondary depth was right there for the taking. He addressed Diggs' replacement, DaRon Bland, specifically, saying he is extremely confident in his abilities.

Bland, for his part, is hyping himself up for the opportunity despite the dark tone in the facility after losing such a good player for the remainder of the season. Bland's role changes dramatically now to the outside cornerback role, but solidifying his role will afford him more consistency.

Bland, in his sophomore season, is grading at 77 overall on Pro Football Focus. He's allowed four receptions on eight targets and secured an interception. He's sure to get more targets here on out and get plenty of opportunity.