Cowboys rumors: Pollard could default to return, Nightmare year incoming, Tyler Smith plan

  • Tyler Smith gives the Cowboys flexibility regardless of Tyron Smith
  • Contract mayhem is coming in 2025
  • Tony Pollard could return for 2024 by default

Dallas Cowboys running back Tony Pollard
Dallas Cowboys running back Tony Pollard / Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports
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Cowboys rumors: The plan for Tyler Smith in 2024

The Dallas Cowboys may need to shuffle things on the offensive line with Tyron Smith hitting free agency. Ideally, the Cowboys will bring their star left tackle back on a team-friendly deal (and actually get to watch him play a full season healthy). It's just not a guarantee that'll be possible.

If Smith leaves, the other Smith on the line is an obvious replacement. Tyler Smith was a Pro Bowl guard in his second season, making the All-Pro second team. He was drafted as a potential heir apparent for the elder Smith in the first place. But he might not be called upon for that role just yet.

“That remains to be seen,” Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones said at the NFL Combine, according to Calvin Watkins of the Dallas Morning News. “It’s starting to feel like Larry Allen all over again. The great thing about Tyler is his versatility. He could be a great left tackle, too. Larry Allen played one or two years at left tackle, and I think he made All-Pro those years, too. Tyler’s got that in him."

A Hall of Famer, Larry Allen was known for his versatility up front of the Cowboys. Smith showing that same level of high-level versatility gives Dallas a ton of flexibility on the personnel side. For instance, it could free them up to take the best lineman available in the upcoming draft, whether it's a stud tackle or stout guard.