Davante Adams fuels trade buzz with latest comment on Raiders-Derek Carr split, Aaron Rodgers

Raiders star Davante Adams recently talked about his close off-field friendship with his former quarterbacks.

Davante Adams, Las Vegas Raiders
Davante Adams, Las Vegas Raiders / Todd Rosenberg/GettyImages

Las Vegas Raiders star Davante Adams has played with great quarterbacks from Aaron Rodgers to Derek Carr. Having been separated from both Rodgers and Carr in the last few years, Adams took some time to look back and reflect on his time with each quarterack.

On an episode of The Rich Eisen Show, Adams talked about his strong relationship with Rodgers, his long-time quarterback back on the Packers. He said, "Ever since we haven’t been teammates, our relationship has gotten stronger. We try to keep a pretty good line of communication, just because we both obviously miss each other a lot."

Adams also touched briefly on Carr's exit from the Raiders and said it "hurt" to see Las Vegas release his Fresno State teammate this past offseason. Carr found a new home on the Saints shortly after, signing a four-year deal.

However, even though Adams' decision to join the Raiders back in March of 2022 was strongly influenced by Carr, the star wideout doesn't regret coming to Vegas.

Adams said, "I came here to play with Derek. I can't say I would have been here if he wasn't here... No regrets at the end of the day. If we lost every game I wouldn't say I regret my decision because in life you drive yourself crazy if you live that way."

Raiders' Davante Adams speaks fondly of his former quarterbacks

Given Adams' latest comments, a reunion with Aaron Rodgers and/ or Derek Carr feels like it could be creeping up on the horizon, though it may not necessarily happen this year.

Adams has found himself at the center of trade buzz ahead of the October 31 deadline for voicing his frustration about his role in the Raiders' offense so far this season. With the Raiders' rotating quarterback carousel of Jimmy Garoppolo, Aidan O'Connell, and Brian Hoyer, Adams has caught 46 passes for 528 yards and three touchdowns.

At the end of his interview with Rich Eisen, Adams did say he was "proud" to wear the Raiders uniform and is "not looking for a new home." That may bring some relief to Raiders fans; still, no one knows for sure how the trade deadline will play out, however, Dianna Russini reported early Sunday that Adams has been informed the Raiders don't plan to move him (subscription required).

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