Denver Broncos 7-Round 2024 NFL mock draft after 1-5 start

A 7-round Denver Broncos 2024 NFL mock draft to usher in a new rebuilding era for a struggling team

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Lathan Ransom. Broncos mock 5/2. S, Ohio State. player. Lathan Ransom. 5. 45. . . Pick 143

It feels like Kareem Jackson has been a quality starter for 50 years (or 14, same difference), but at 35 years old, his career is approaching its close. Denver needs to bring in someone to help build a succession plan at safety.

Lathan Ransom has been a key cog in the Buckeyes' secondary for the past three seasons, and his versatility would be useful in Denver.

. player. Pick 192. 6. LB, Penn State. Curtis Jacobs. 45. Broncos mock 6. . Curtis Jacobs

Even though this is his fourth season in Happy Valley, Jacobs is still a project, but at this point in the draft, the juice is worth the squeeze for the Broncos. He's listed at 6-foot-1, 235 pounds and is a very good athlete for the position, showing the ability to be utilized as a blitzer and showing off sideline-to-sideline range. Denver would have the option to keep Jacobs inside, or potentially move him to WILL and allow him to rush the passer more.

This draft class would add some quality young talent to various spots on the Broncos' roster, but the main draw is moving on from Wilson and beginning to build anew around Drake Maye. If general manager George Paton is familiar with the sunk cost fallacy, this is a realistic scenario.

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