Up is down: Deshaun Watson made the worst QB decision ever (Video)

What was Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson thinking on this play against the Titans?

Deshaun Watson, Cleveland Browns
Deshaun Watson, Cleveland Browns / Jason Miller/GettyImages

There's been a lot to criticize about Deshaun Watson's play in his second year with the Cleveland Browns. In Week 3 against the Tennessee Titans, Watson gave his critics another reason to laugh at him.

Watson, who has thrown two touchdowns against two interceptions this season so far, sought to get back on the right track in a Week 3 matchup at home.

At midfield, rather fittingly right upon the Brownie the Elf logo, Watson faked a handoff but was met with immediate pressure from several Titans defenders in the second quarter.

As Watson was dragged down, he decided to throw a zippy backward pass to Elijah Moore that missed him by several feet. The ball bounced around the 35-yard line, after which Moore saved Watson from looking like even more of a foolish oaf by quickly picking up the bobbling ball; he wasn't able to make up much ground before getting taken down by the Titans for a loss of yards.

Had Moore not collected the errant pass, the Titans would have had an easy scoop-and-score.

Browns QB Deshaun Watson keeps screwing himself over in 2023

The Browns are currently ahead 13-3 at halftime thanks to a nifty touchdown catch by running back Jerome Ford.

Watson channeled the likes of Carson Wentz, Marcus Mariota, and a long line of inconsistent quarterbacks who have made questionable decisions in their forgettable NFL careers. His laughable Week 3 play comes on the heels of his careless penalties against the Steelers last week, including one controversial play in which Watson arguably put his hands on a ref. Controversy and Deshaun Watson just seem to go hand in hand these days.

The 28-year-old Watson was traded by the Texans in a blockbuster deal with the Browns ahead of the 2022 season. Cleveland gave up three first-round picks, among other assets, in return for what the franchise presumed would be its quarterback of the future.

Unless Watson cleans up his play and starts to generate some consistency for the Browns' passing attack, he's nothing but a ticking time bomb in Cleveland.

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