3 stars Pistons can trade for to jumpstart their rebuild

With their losing streak hitting unprecedented levels, the Pistons are looking for any help they can get to jumpstart their rebuild.

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Tobias Harris, PF

According to James L Edwards of the Atheltic, it seems like the Pistons are interested in trading for Tobias Harris. While Detroit is interested in the scoring machine, the Pistons could wait until this offseason when Harris is a free agent.

It would probably not be advantageous to wait until free agency to sign the veteran because the Pistons only appeal would be the money that they could offer. Detroit would not be able to sell Harris on the vision of this franchise.

If Harris spends half of a season with the squad, then that selling point might be a bit easier to make. Making a deal for the veteran would be a bit hard with the Sixers wanting to compete for a title this season.

The best player that the Pistons can give up in a deal is Bojan Bogdanovic, who is a solid scorer in this league but doesn't make sense for the Sixers to trade Harris. Philadelphia would also likely end up with Alec Burks in a deal. The only real way in which a deal makes sense is a world where the Sixers can involve a third team.

With three-team deals being extremely complicated, it's hard to see a world where the Pistons can pull off this deal. Still, this is something to watch for the offseason. As Detroit basketball fans are already looking forward to the offseason, fans will most likely look to jersey edits that involve the once 20-point-per-game bucket-getter.