Did Andy Reid throw shade at NFL GMs for not hiring former Chiefs OC Eric Bieniemy?

Andy Reid still doesn't understand why Eric Bieniemy isn't an NFL head coach.

NFL Combine
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The ongoing saga of Eric Bieniemy’s journey to potentially becoming an NFL head coach one day is eye-opening. 

Why is it that a coordinator who was a part of a Kansas City Chiefs team that reached five consecutive AFC Championship Games and three Super Bowl appearances in that span can’t land a head coaching position?

Everyone’s path isn't linear, but coaches with Bieniemy’s resume and pedigree are typically top priorities during NFL coaching cycles. He’s been a popular name and candidate ever since he helped the Chiefs win their first of three Super Bowl titles during the Patrick Mahomes era but has been unable to land a job.

Perhaps no one is more qualified than Chiefs head coach Andy Reid to speak on Bieniemy and his coaching prospects. The duo enjoyed 10 successful seasons in Kansas City together, and Reid can’t wrap his head around why the latter hasn’t been given an opportunity yet.

Is Reid so baffled and appalled to the point he decided to take a subtle jab at NFL general managers during the 2024 Scouting Combine for passing up on Bieniemy enough times?

Did Andy Reid throw shade at NFL GMs in defense of Eric Bieniemy?

“I’m a big believer in Eric [Bieniemy] being (great) wherever he goes,” Reid told reporters at the Combine, per ESPN’s Adam Teicher.

“Whatever he does, he’s going to be good at,” Reid added.

Reid’s comments come off the heels of Bieniemy accepting an offer to become UCLA’s associate head coach/offensive coordinator, with the former remaining hopeful in the latter’s chances of one day becoming an NFL head coach, suggesting that the new gig at UCLA will springboard him into his next opening – whether that in the league or not.

“He’s got an opportunity here to do his thing on offense and he knows the landscape… I thought he should be a head coach [in the NFL]. But if it doesn’t happen, maybe he has that opportunity there to do it,” Reid said.

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