Did Michael Penix send a message to Kalen DeBoer at Senior Bowl?

Is there beef between Michael Penix and Kalen DeBoer?

Alabama head football coach Kalen DeBoer
Alabama head football coach Kalen DeBoer / Gary Cosby Jr.-Tuscaloosa News / USA

Kalen DeBoer and Michael Penix Jr. led Washington to the College Football Playoff Championship Game. But while the latter is still a hero to Huskies fans, the former is persona non grata in Seattle.

Leaving Washington for Alabama, initiating a roster exodus in the transfer portal, turned Washington against DeBoer. Did it also turn his former quarterback against him?

A clip appearing to show Penix pushing DeBoer away at the Senior Bowl raised that very question.

Did Penix really shove DeBoer away? That answer is actually very simple: No he didn't.

Michael Penix Jr. and Kalen DeBoer viral clip taken out of context

The clip in question was only a snippet of a longer interaction between DeBoer and Penix that looked completely friendly.

What looked like Penix shaking DeBoer off in the shorter clip was actually just a moment of awkward photo posing. Penix went to put his arm around DeBoer while DeBoer stepped out of a picture he wasn't sure he was supposed to be in. They ultimately took the picture together, no problem.

If there's beef between Penix and DeBoer, that clip isn't evidence of it. The Washington quarterback took multiple pictures with his former head coach. Social media is making a mountain out of nothing.

The two are going their separate ways, but not with any sort of animosity between them. Penix was at the Senior Bowl hoping to improve his draft stock. He's considered one of the top quarterback prospects in the draft based on pure talent but his injury history is of some concern and could drop him down draft boards.

DeBoer stopped by practices in Mobile, Alabama as he begins his tenure as the head coach of one of the biggest programs in college football. He's got giant shoes to fill taking over for Nick Saban. He might have to undertake that task without one of his top assistants based on new developments with the NFL coaching carousel.

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