Dillon Brooks stares down LeBron and restates himself as league leader in awkward moments

Dillon Brooks continues to be one of the NBA's most made-for-internet players.

Dillon Brooks stares down LeBron
Dillon Brooks stares down LeBron /

Here's a fun stat for you that I definitely didn't just make up: Dillon Brooks leads the NBA in meme-worthy moments since the 2020-21 season. His statistical achievement here is simply unmatched.

From questionable outfits to questionable statements, you have to give him this: The guy is confident.

After he was given a, "Thanks, but no thanks," from the Grizzlies on bringing him back in free agency this offseason, Brooks wound up signing with the Houston Rockets. On Wednesday night, he faced off against LeBron James for the first time since last season when he infamously called James old and lost to the Lakers in six in the playoffs.

James averaged 22.2 points, 11.2 rebounds, and 5.2 assists per game in the series.

Dillon Brooks creates awkward moment before Lakers game staring down LeBron

Brooks hyped up the matchup promising to, "lock him up."

Then, before the game tipped off, Brooks stood as still as a statue and stared James down during the pregame festivities. Not quite sure if he's doing a, "maybe if I stand super still he won't see me," thing or trying to be intense here. 15 seconds he just sat there. Staring.

Reminds us of this one:

Once again, Brooks is awkward king.

Now, not only does he lead the league in meme moments, but he also leads in SSALBJ (seconds stared at LeBron James) with an average of 15 seconds per game.

Did he take offseason lessons from Lance Stephenson or something?

One thing's for sure. He's not changing.

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