Doc Rivers takes way too much credit for Clippers-James Harden trade

Earlier this season, the Los Angeles Clippers acquired James Harden. According to new Milwaukee Bucks coach Doc Rivers, he was one of many who was consulted before the trade was made, but perhaps he's taking a bit too much credit.

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Earlier this season, the Los Angeles Clippers pulled off a blockbuster trade with the Philadelphia 76ers, acquiring star point guard James Harden.

After briefly struggling, the Clippers took off. They now have the third-best record in the Western Conference.

Doc Rivers previously coached Harden while the star guard was in Philadelphia and was reportedly one of many people consulted by the Clippers before the trade was made. Rivers coached the Clippers from 2013-2020.

But based on Rivers' recent comments, it would seem that the veteran NBA coach is taking a little bit too much credit for the trade actually coming to fruition.

Doc Rivers takes too much credit for James Harden trade

To be fair, Rivers knows Harden and the Clippers well.

As mentioned previously, the legendary NBA coach was with Harden in Philadelphia and also previously coached the Clippers.

However, it's not fair for Rivers to talk about being "one of the guys" who gave a stamp of approval for the trade, especially when at the time, he was not employed by an NBA team. The 76ers had replaced him with Nick Nurse, while the Clippers were coached by Tyronn Lue and the Milwaukee Bucks were still under the guidance of Adrian Griffin.

Rivers likely was consulted due to his knowledge of and experience with Harden and the Clippers. But he ultimately isn't the one who decided to make the deal happen. The credit should go to Lawrence Frank and Daryl Morey, who got the deal done early in the season.

Now that Rivers is coaching the Bucks, he isn't in a position where he should be commenting on trades between two separate organizations, regardless of his prior connections to the Sixers and Clippers.

The Bucks have also struggled since he was hired, losing seven of their first 10 games under Rivers.

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