Draymond Green's indefinite suspension expected to last at least 3 weeks

Draymond Green's indefinite suspension will keep him out for at least 12 games.

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It's official. For the next three weeks, Draymond Green will undergo counseling. These counseling sessions coincide with Draymond's recent indefinite suspension, his second of the season. During Tuesday’s Warriors-Suns game, Green and Jusuf Nurkic were battling for post position in the short corner. When, suddenly, Green nailed Jurkic in the temple with a wild right hook to sell the call. The result of this? Green's 20th career ejection, sixth suspension, and well ... therapy.

Draymond Green to miss 12 games due to indefinite suspension

According to Shams Charania, Green is 'required to meet certain league and team conditions' before returning to the court. League sources said Draymond was expected to receive counseling and work with the Warriors and NBA while suspended. So far, Green has been understanding and prepared to undergo the process. It's expected that the four-time champion will miss around 12 games during this three-week process. 

Although Green is currently not allowed in the arena during games, he can still practice with the team. Warriors GM, Mike Dunleavy, said, "We think the healthiest thing is for him to be around." During Green's first suspension this season, the Warriors went 2-3. With Draymond Green out of the picture for the second time, the team is currently 2-1. 

Warriors head coach Steve Kerr believes the suspension "makes sense" for Draymond Green. In fact, Kerr views this as an opportunity. Kerr said, "You look at the past year and what's happened. It's clear. He needs the opportunity to change and that's what an indefinite suspension gives him the opportunity for." However, Kerr emphasized that this suspension isn't just about trying to get Draymond to help the team, it's about helping Draymond. Here's what Steve Kerr told Anthony Slater:

"This is not just about an outburst on the court. it's about his life. This is about someone I believe in, someone who I’ve known for a decade, someone who I love for his loyalty, his commitment, his passion, his love for his teammates, friends, his family. Trying to help that guy,” Kerr said. “Because the one who grabbed Rudy, choked Rudy, the one who took a wild flail at Jusuf, the one who punched Jordan (Poole) last year, that’s the guy who has to change and he knows that."

With this statement, Kerr is clearly more concerned about Draymond's well-being than his basketball. Hopefully, the Dubs' young core can keep their playoff hopes alive while Green works on these personal adjustments.

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