Each NFL team’s biggest Hall of Fame omission

The Pro Football Hall of Fame is closing in on 400 members but there are still plenty of deserving players who haven't yet made it. Here is the biggest omission for every team.

Jan 28, 1990; New Orleans, LA, USA; FILE PHOTO; San Francisco 49ers running back Roger Craig (33)
Jan 28, 1990; New Orleans, LA, USA; FILE PHOTO; San Francisco 49ers running back Roger Craig (33) / USA TODAY Sports
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Philadelphia Eagles: LB Bill Bergey

The Philadelphia Eagles have certainly been a force in the league in recent seasons. There was a Super Bowl LII title in 2017 and another Super Sunday appearance in 2022.  

As for the current topic, there are several Birds more than qualified for Hall of Fame consideration. There’s cornerback Eric Allen, who played the first seven of his 14-year career with the Eagles before moving on to the New Orleans Saints and Oakland Raiders. For the six-time Pro Bowler, there were 54 interceptions (eight returned for touchdowns), including 34 picks and five scores during his time in the City of Brotherly Love.

Perhaps an even more intriguing candidate is middle linebacker Bill Bergey. Originally a member of the Cincinnati Bengals (a second-round pick in 1969), he was traded to the Eagles in 1974 after five years in the Queen City. It was there where he really excelled. In seven seasons with his second franchise, he was named to four Pro Bowls and was voted All-Pro twice. He was part of the Birds’ first Super Bowl squad in 1980, his final season in the league.

During his 12-year career, Bergey totaled an impressive 48 takeaways (27 interceptions, 21 fumble recoveries) and brought an intensity to his teams that was certainly welcomed. And he indeed may not be the only one-time Eagles’ linebacker who deserves Hall of Fame consideration. Maxie Baughan was a nine-time Pro Bowler who earned five of those berths while in Philadelphia.

You could make the case that Allen had the better NFL career and Bergey the better Eagles’ career. Both are worthy of Hall of Fame honors.