Eagles star trolls 49ers, Deebo Samuel after another Super Bowl loss

Fletcher Cox is here to remind you that the Philadelphia Eagles have a ring and the San Francisco 49ers... do not.

Jalen Hurts, Brandon Graham, Lane Johnson, Fletcher Cox, Jason Kelce
Jalen Hurts, Brandon Graham, Lane Johnson, Fletcher Cox, Jason Kelce / Perry Knotts/GettyImages

The Kansas City Chiefs are Super Bowl LVIII champions. It's a dark day for many and a glorious day for others. The Chiefs are elegantly replacing Tom Brady and the New England Patriots as NFL villains. There's an inevitability to Patrick Mahomes and this Chiefs offense. He just guided a deeply flawed roster to the promised land, aptly concluding that magical run with a TD pass to oft-maligned wideout Mecole Hardman.

On the other hand, the San Francisco 49ers have now lost two Super Bowls to the Chiefs in a four-year span. It's tough to discredit the job Kyle Shanahan has done with his team. Brock Purdy was in the Super Bowl — and pitching a damn good game — in his second season. And yet, the Niners are still short on answers to the impossible Chiefs conundrum.

The Niners made plenty of their own enemies en route to the Super Bowl. If there's one non-Chiefs fandom that is elated with his outcome, oddly enough, it's the Philadelphia Eagles. Last season ended with the Chiefs toppling Philly in the Super Bowl after the Eagles toppled (a very shorthanded) Niners team in the conference championship game.

This season was one of revenge for the Niners, who toppled Philadelphia in the regular season and doubled down with a successful conference championship bid. The Eagles, meanwhile, fell apart down the stretch and lost to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the NFC Wild Card round.

A lot of trash talk has been exchanged between both sides of the NFC's opposite-coast rivalry. Niners WR Deebo Samuel has been particularly fond of letting the Eagles hear about their lack of success in 2023.

Here's what he told reporters when asked about the so-called rivalry at Super Bowl media day.

"I consider rivalries close games. We ain’t going to talk about that no more. That’s over with."

Well... you reap what you sow. And Samuel is hearing it from the Eagles faithful after San Francisco's Super Bowl loss. Eagles Pro Bowl DT Fletcher Cox got in a few shots on Instagram after the game.

Fletcher Cox reminds Deebo Samuel about his lack of Super Bowl success

The Eagles won the chip. Deebo Samuel and the Niners did not. No matter how this past season played out, that is the immutable truth. The narrative won't change until Samuel and the Niners can actually ascend the mountaintop. There is no denying the simple, cold, hard logic of Cox's argument. Maybe don't brag about your dominance in a "rivalry" until you've actually outperformed your rival.

Samuel was notably quiet in the Super Bowl, reeling in three catches for 33 yards. He's an amazing player and the Niners are a great team. There's no denying that the 2023 Eagles were nowhere close to San Francisco's level. But, when it comes to smack talk, it's generally best to cover all your bases. Samuel hasn't done that yet.

The Niners get a fresh start next season. So do the Eagles. We haven't heard the last of it from either player or team.