Eli Drinkwitz calls out Michigan and Jim Harbaugh, names Missouri ‘America’s Team’

After Missouri was able to reach 10 wins on the season, Eli Drinkwitz declared his program to be America's team, calling out Michigan for calling themselves it

Missouri v Arkansas
Missouri v Arkansas / Wesley Hitt/GettyImages

After Friday's Battle Line win against Arkansas, it seems like Missouri Tigers head coach Eli Drinkwitz didn't hesitate to call out Michigan, head coach Jim Harbaugh specifically.

Harkening back to Harbaugh's assertion that the Wolverines were America's Team, Drinkwitz took umbrage with that assessment. Instead, he believes that Missouri and what they accomplished en route to a 10-2 season and possible New Year's Six bid makes them "America's Team".

“Earlier in the week I heard a coach talk about being America’s team. And I don’t know about all that conversation, they got so many different good things going for them. Some good, some maybe they stole illegally. We’re America’s team,”

The coach finished his presser by talking about why Missouri should be known as America's team going forward.

"We’re the story that people should be really proud to be behind. I’m just proud to coach this football team. And it ain’t about me, it’s really about those brothers, those guys coming together, those coaches in there coaching their butt off for each other. And that’s what America’s all about, people coming together. So, that’s my statement,”

Eli Drinkwitz make strong case that Missouri is America's Team

The Tigers are coming off a regular season where they were able to win 10 games and were one of the best programs in college football this season. One of the only two losses that the Tigers suffered this season came at the hands of the back-to-back champs, Georgia. The other came against LSU.

With a 10-2 record and already inside the Top 10 of the latest CFP rankings, though, could Mizzou make a New Year's Six bowl game? It's entirely possible.

Yes, should the loser of the SEC Championship Game between Georgia and Alabama take the SEC tie-in for the Orange Bowl. However, there is still a case to be made for Missouri being an at-large berth for a game like the Cotton Bowl. They are further helped by Louisville's loss in the Governor's Cup to Kentucky, which likely takes the Cardinals well outside of the Top 10.

Missouri is not a traditional college football power by any measure. However, they might just be the true America's Team in the 2023 season -- and America will be watching on New Year's Day.

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