2 emergency Mike Trout trade destinations if the Angels will listen

The Angels are staring down the same scenario — missing the playoffs with a roster anchored by one of the best players ever. Is it finally time to trade Mike Trout?
Los Angeles Angels v New York Mets
Los Angeles Angels v New York Mets / Jim McIsaac/GettyImages

The Los Angeles Angels haven’t made the postseason since 2014. After building nothing around the superstar center fielder Mike Trout for many years, the organization rolled the dice on Shohei Ohtani. The duo was elite on paper, but it never came to fruition on the field.

They lost two-way phenom, Ohtani, in the offseason to their cross-town rival and have a depleted farm system. Los Angeles doesn’t have many intriguing prospects and their future seems dim, even with Trout on the roster. They've resisted every other year under similar circumstances but trading Trout star could finally be the move to make soon. 

The 11x All-Star could bring back a ton of valuable pieces that could set the organization up for long-term success. It would be a tough pill to swallow for Angels fans, as Trout has spent his entire 14-year career in Anaheim. 

Before trading Trout, a team would need to be ready to figure out how to work out the contract situation. The 32-year-old signed a 12-year contract worth over $420 million. A team would need to be in the playoff hunt and willing to take on at least a good part of the massive contract. 

If a team can work out a deal for the Angels superstar, it would be one of the biggest trades in recent MLB history. Here are two teams that could have the goods to get a deal as such done. 

2. New York Mets

With the New York Mets offloading big-time stars over the past few seasons, it doesn’t leave them out eventually trying to get more. With a core including Pete Alonso, Francisco Lindor, and Edwin Diaz, the Mets have playoff pieces. 

Going into 2024, not many expected much out of the Mets. They’re starting to turn things around after a slow start to the season, proving to be a threat to opposing teams. If they continue to play good baseball throughout the season, the owner, Steve Cohen, could be inclined to make a move before the trade deadline.  

The prospects, along with the expiring contracts New York has, they could be able to make a move for Trout. They could deal with expiring contracts such as Luis Severino, Harrison Bader, or J.D. Martinez. Bringing in the Angels superstar would require prospects in return, and the Mets could use some of those players to bring in more or grant the Angels the luxury of doing so by including them in a package for Trout. 

The Mets have a few prospects that could lure the Angels to trade talks. New York could offer prospects such as Luisangel Acuña, Jett Williams, Kevin Parada, and Mark Vientos. A deal for Trout would require an absolute haul, and the Mets have one of the top farm systems in the league to have Los Angeles consider moving their superstar outfielder. 

Inserting Trout in the Mets lineup would put them over the top in 2024. After Brandon Nimmo leads off, it would be Trout, Lindor, and Alonso. The top four in the order would be among the best in MLB. 

1. Philadelphia Phillies 

Trout’s favorite team growing up was the Philadelphia Phillies, and they’re on the opposite side of the track as the Angels. While Los Angeles hasn’t sniffed the playoffs since 2014, the Phillies won two National League Pennants over the past two seasons. 

Joining the Phillies would even further their chances of finishing their story. Could Trout be the missing piece to a World Series trophy in Philadelphia? Bryce Harper and Trout would become a must-watch duo every night. Those two, along with Trea Turner, Kyle Schwarber, and J.T. Realmuto, would put their lineup over the top. 

Right now, they have a middle-of-the-pack farm system. In an article over the offseason, MLB Senior Writer Anthony Castrovince suggested a hypothetical trade between the Phillies and Angels. Castrovince suggested this trade: “Phillies get: OF Mike Trout and cash considerations Angels get: OF Nick Castellanos and OF Justin Crawford (Phillies’ No. 3 prospect).”

The Phillies haven’t been able to get over the hump the past two seasons. Hearts have been broken in consecutive postseasons with losses in the World Series. Super teams are starting to become a thing in MLB after the Dodgers brought in numerous All-Stars. Philadelphia trading for Trout would put them in the same conversation. It would give them three of the very best hitters in baseball. 

Trading prospects is always a risk, but not when you bring in one of the best players in MLB history. Out of all the Phillies prospects, none of them will likely be as impactful as Trout. If Philadelphia was able to not include a pitching prospect, they should consider pulling the trigger on a big-time trade. Trout has been one of the game's best hitters since he entered the league, but the Angels couldn’t keep up the pace. 

A trade to the Phillies would give the all-time great opportunity to prove himself where the lights shine bright. Trout in the middle of the Phillies lineup would put in a different conversation from the rest of the league. 

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