Another missed opportunity proves Chiefs were right about Eric Bieniemy

The Washington Commanders opted against hiring Eric Bieniemy as head coach. Were the Chiefs right about their former OC?

AFC Divisional Playoffs - Jacksonville Jaguars v Kansas City Chiefs
AFC Divisional Playoffs - Jacksonville Jaguars v Kansas City Chiefs / David Eulitt/GettyImages

The Kansas City Chiefs let Eric Bieniemy walk with the hopes that getting out from under Andy Reid's shadow would put him under the spotlight. Bieniemy signed on as the new Washington Commanders offensive coordinator just last offseason. When Ron Rivera was fired, Bieniemy was granted an interview he'd earned the hard way.

Unfortunately for Bieniemy, Washington went in another direction, hiring Dan Quinn as their next head coach. Quinn has a defensive background, so there's a chance Bieniemy could stay on as the OC if he so chooses.

However, it's become clear that for some reasons teams do not view him as a top-tier coaching candidate despite his experience with Patrick Mahomes in Kansas City, and now Sam Howell in Washington. What gives?

Why hasn't Eric Bieniemy been given a head coaching opportunity?

As Dean Jones of Riggo's Rag noted, Bieniemy's tenure with the Commanders hasn't gone completely according to plan:

"Bieniemy reportedly rubbed some players the wrong way with his high demands and tough-nosed approach. There was a clear unwillingness to alter his methods - ones that had been so successful throughout his coaching career. More importantly, the Commanders' offense lacked balance and stuttered - especially over the second half of 2023."

What worked in Kansas City didn't have the same impact with the Commanders, and it's fair to wonder if Bieniemy's window as a possible head coach is closing altogether. Thus far, he either hasn't been given a fair shake or has failed at various points in the interview process.

Bieniemy was overlooked for gigs when his stock was highest, notably during his time with the Chiefs. Because he worked closely with Reid, some front offices didn't give him the necessary credit for the Chiefs success on the offensive side of the ball. Instead, Reid received the hype. Yet, in Matt Nagy's first year as OC, Kansas City's offense hasn't quite looked the same.

Hopefully Bieniemy receives his chance one day, but for now there's a reason the Chiefs are in the Super Bowl without him.