Everything Bruce Bochy said about Adolis Garcia, Max Scherzer injuries

Here's an update on Adolis Garcia and Max Scherzer after Game 3.

Adolis Garcia, Texas Rangers
Adolis Garcia, Texas Rangers / Christian Petersen/GettyImages

The Texas Rangers beat the Arizona Diamondbacks, 3-1, in Game 3 of the World Series in a crucial win that came at a heavy cost.

Rangers outfielder Adolis Garcia and pitcher Max Scherzer both suffered injuries on Monday. Garcia appeared to hurt his left torso following a swing in the eighth inning; Scherzer exited in the fourth due to a back spasm.

At the end of Game 3, Bruce Bochy said the team will "get some diagnostics" on Garcia and Scherzer in the next 24 hours. The results of those tests will help the team "determine their availability" for the rest of the World Series.

Here's everything Bochy has relayed about the dual injuries thus far.

Adolis Garcia injury update: MRI results pending

After Game 3's win, Garcia underwent an MRI, the results of which have not yet been released.

Bochy said of Garcia's potential injury, "We're being optimistic there, but we'll know more [Tuesday]." Expect an update sometime this afternoon.

The main concern is whether Garcia suffered a core muscle strain during his swing. If diagnosed, such a strain tends to require a week-long recovery period.

Max Scherzer injury update: Clarity on back spasm issue should come soon

After suffering back spasms in Game 3, Scherzer said he should know within 48 hours whether he can return in the World Series, according to various reports.

Bochy said, "Max took a pretty good shot on the elbow. That's what we were concerned about. But it was his low back that tightened up on him. He just couldn't go any more."

Scherzer is reportedly taking medication to relieve the issue. He had just recovered from a strained right teres major muscle and made his third start of the postseason on Monday.

On the possibility of Scherzer starting another game, Rangers general manager Chris Young said (subscription required), "If he can't bend over, I don't see how in four days..." Young didn't speculate any further.

The Rangers will play Game 4 on Tuesday and Game 5 on Wednesday and may already be preparing for the worst. Rather than wait out Scherzer's stated 48-hour period for more clarity on the extent of his injury, the team may consider adding a healthy pitcher to replace Scherzer and bolster the bullpen depth in this pivotal stretch of the Series.

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