Fan that talked his way out of ejection for interference gives elite TV interview

In Yankees vs Astros Sunday, a fan interfered with a live ball. He not only was allowed to stay, but also secured an awesome TV interview.

ALL-TIME fan interview from Houston 😂🍿 | MLB on ESPN
ALL-TIME fan interview from Houston 😂🍿 | MLB on ESPN / ESPN

Welcome to Houston to a dad just trying to give his son a memorable first-ever ballgame. In return, you get to become a momentary local celebrity and not get ejected from a stadium for an offense that almost always results in one.

During the series finale between the New York Yankees and Houston Astros on Sunday, televised by ESPN on Sunday Night Baseball, a fan reached out for a ball heading for foul territory, making contact with the ball, which was still playable for a Yankees outfielder heading that way.

Normally, that's an instant ejection. No questions asked. I hear some fans have been ejected for just thinking about touching a live ball before. Somehow, this fan not only talked his way into staying in the game, but also secured an interview with ESPN's Bustler Olney. And boy, was it one for the books.

Buster Olney makes a charming dad a local celebrity for one night

Bustler Olney corralled the man for an interview after he appeared to be taken off by Astros security, yet found himself back in the stands moments later.

The man explained, his son to his right, that it was the duo's first time at an Astros game after recently having moved to the city.

"I just wanted to make the moment specical for him. As a father I feel like it's my job that I give him the best moments. I apologize to the Astros organization. I didn't know... But we did have a wonderful moment."

When Olney asked him about the reaction from fans after he interfered, that's when things got great:

"The reaction was shock, disgust, happiness, sweat, a little bit of lust baby!"

Olney asked how he found his way back.

"Truthfully, Houston loves me, and I love Houston. And they can not stop me from supporting the Asteroids. So what happened was, I almost had to give 'em [imitates punching noises] real quick on 'em. But they wasn't listening, so I chose love."

There you have it. Be a nice person and good things happen for you.

The true irony here? All of this happened while he was wearing a Royals cap.

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