FanDuel Kentucky Promo GUARANTEES $200 for Betting $5 on Any NFL Game

It doesn't matter what game you bet or who wins, you get your $200 bonus either way!

Get a $200 bonus guaranteed for betting just $5 on any NFL game with the FanDuel Kentucky sign-up promo.
Get a $200 bonus guaranteed for betting just $5 on any NFL game with the FanDuel Kentucky sign-up promo. /

The best part of legal sports betting launching in your state is that you finally get in on the excitement of wagering on spots. The second best part is the amount of massive bonuses that sportsbooks throw around when they first launch in a new state.

Kentucky has been no exception, and maybe the best offer to take advantage of today is from FanDuel Sportsbook, who will give you a $200 bonus guaranteed as long as you bet at least $5 on an NFL game.

Here's how to cash in.

FanDuel Kentucky Promo: Just Bet $5 to Guarantee a $200 Bonus

I know "guaranteed" often feels like a word that carries some hidden strings, but it really is guaranteed here. Just bet $5 on whichever NFL team you want to back today. After that bet settles, whether it was a winner or a loser, you'll get that full $200 bonus. Here are the steps to follow to make sure you automatically unlock the bonus:

  1. Sign up for FanDuel Sportsbook through our exclusive FanSided link
  2. Finish your account setup, verifying your identity and all that good stuff
  3. Deposit at least $10 into your account
  4. Place your first bet of $5 or more on any NFL game

And there you have it. Once that bet settles, the $200 bonus is yours. Pretty simple.

Your biggest concern should be claiming your offer before it expires, since sportsbooks aren't shy about dropping the value of their new-user offers once they've established themselves in a new state, and FanDuel is the industry leader so might not feel the need to entice you with a bonus like this for much longer.

Your second concern? Figuring out who deserves your support as the first team you bet on.

Do you follow your heart and bet on your favorite team? Getting $200 would certainly soften the blow if they lost. Do you try to make a savvy bet, maybe following the advice of some experts? Even though the bonus pays out should you lose, it would be nice to make a smart bet and get some extra cash winnings on top of the bonus too.

The choice is yours, and whichever direction you go, you can feel good knowing you'll get your full $200 bonus. Just as long as you get that bet in before kickoff so you don't risk missing out!