‘Fire Canada’ chants show Mike Tomlin can’t ignore Steelers OC problem anymore

Steelers fans came together to chant for Mike Tomlin to "Fire Canada." There should be no coming back from that for offensive coordinator Matt Canada.
Pittsburgh Steelers offensive coordinator Matt Canada
Pittsburgh Steelers offensive coordinator Matt Canada / Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Acrisure Stadium, home of the Pittsburgh Steelers, can fit more than 68,000 people in the stands. It sounded like just about all of them agreed on one big thing on Monday night: "Fire Canada!"

The Steelers offensive coordinator was in the firing line during Monday Night Football because his pitiful offense couldn't move the ball against the Browns.

The fans let Canada hear it and head coach Mike Tomlin certainly can't claim he didn't hear it as well.

Steelers fans "Fire Canada" chants were audible on Monday Night Football broadcast

Looking at the score board after the Steelers pulled off the 26-22 come-from-behind victory, you might not think there was a problem with the offense. After all, 26 points is nothing to scoff at in the NFL. Except half of those points came courtesy of the defense.

Alex Highsmith returned an interception 30 yards for a score on the first play of the game. He later forced a fumble in the fourth quarter which was recovered and returned for a touchdown by TJ Watt.

So yeah, the Steelers offense has scored two touchdowns this season. The Steelers defense has scored just as many.

It's no wonder fans in Pittsburgh are done with Canada and his offense. Kenny Pickett was abysmal at times, completing just 15-of-30 passes. He threw an interception and looked out of sorts for most of the night.

Half of the Steelers' 255 total yards came on three plays: A George Pickens 71-yard catch-and-run touchdown, a 21-yard Najee Harris scamper and a 30-yard dump-off to Jaylen Warren.


Nothing about Pittsburgh's offense is dynamic despite a promising young quarterback and plenty of weapons.

This is on Tomlin for keeping an offensive coordinator who was already on the hot seat last year. Steelers fans are done with Canada for good reason and the head coach can't ignore that.

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