Former UNC Tar Heels star blasts refs for 'terrible call' in Duke's favor against Clemson

After Duke narrowly defeated Clemson in a heated game with a controversial foul call, former North Carolina star Theo Pinson went off on the refs.

Clemson v Duke
Clemson v Duke / Lance King/GettyImages

It wouldn't be a dramatic Duke victory without a controversial call to debate. And it wouldn't be the rivalry between Duke and North Carolina without the Tar Heels getting involved.

Duke squeaked out a 72-71 victory over Clemson on Saturday thanks to a pair of free throws by Tyrese Proctor with one second left on the clock. The foul called on Josh Beadle caused instant disagreement online.

Have a look for yourself: Were the refs right to call a foul on this one?

While fans online and in person on both sides of the call argued, former North Carolina guard Theo Pinson weighed in. And you can guess whose side he was on.

Theo Pinson calls out refs for "terrible call" that lifted Duke over Clemson

"There's a terrible call if I'm Clemson I'm pissed," Pinson tweeted.

The argument against the foul is pretty clear. On the shot itself, the contact didn't seem particularly foul-worthy.

It doesn't help that Duke took 13 free throws on seven of their final 12 possessions, as pointed out by Matt Connolly of On3.

Does that mean Clemson got screwed? Well, there was contact before the shot that probably did warrant a whistle.

Whichever way it went, someone was going to be mad at what the refs did there. If they let the contact go, Duke fans are furious. Since they did call the foul, Clemson fans and Duke rivals are livid. That's the way college basketball goes.

Either way, Clemson's NCAA tournament hopes took a hit with that loss. The Tigers have now dropped five of their last seven games. Despite wins over Alabama and TCU bolstering their résumé, they're 13-6. An upset win over Duke would have been a massive boost.

Instead, the Blue Devils notched the victory to improve their record to 15-4. They have won 10 of their last 11.

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