3 reasons Garrett Wilson could become a top-5 WR in 2023

Headed into the 2023 NFL season, no team has higher hopes than the New York Jets. One player who knows he has an opportunity to do something special is 23-year-old wide receiver Garrett Wilson.
New York Jets v Minnesota Vikings
New York Jets v Minnesota Vikings / Adam Bettcher/GettyImages
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1. Garrett Wilson knows the time is now

Sometimes it takes a bit for a younger player to mature, but in Wilson's case its the opposite. He is already showing unselfish traits in his second season. The pressure if certainly on, but the Jets receiver is embracing it.

Wilson isn't one to shy away from the big stage, as he was a former Ohio State Buckeye. Now that the Jets have Super Bowl expectations, the lights are back on Wilson's team. This time though, he is the guy everyone is expecting to be the top weapon on offense.

He put up big numbers in his rookie season, and as I mentioned earlier captured the AFC OROY. This season though, it's not about the awards for Wilson. It's about one thing -- winning the last game of the season.

Wilson isn't shying away from the pressure, because he knows how good of a roster New York has. He also is probably aware that quarterbacks like Aaron Rodgers don't grow on trees, so even though he's young he has to be ready like a veteran.

It is for sure going to be an exciting 2023 season for the Jets, as all the eyes are on them right now. If they're going to go anywhere though, they need a big season from their prime time weapon.

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