Georgia football rumors: Carson Beck working on financial deal to stay at UGA

Carson Beck getting well over $1 million in financial incentives to stay at Georgia is what NIL was supposed to be all about. This would be a win-win for pretty much everybody involved with this.

Carson Beck, Georgia Bulldogs
Carson Beck, Georgia Bulldogs / Todd Kirkland/GettyImages

Don't expect for Georgia starting quarterback Carson Beck to be going anywhere after this season. Beck is reportedly in talks of garnering a package of financial incentives to stay at Georgia for at least another season. This may only be his first year as the UGA starter, but he is four years removed from high school. Beck can turn pro after the postseason, but there are no guarantees he is a top-32 pick.

If the dollars make sense and Beck does stay put at Georgia, this is a win-win scenario for pretty much everybody involved. For Beck, he will get paid handsomely, get to continue building his own legacy in Athens and play in meaningful college football games next year. It also gives him a better shot at being a top-10 pick. He might be QB1 in the 2025 NFL Draft, or at least on the shortlist for it.

Georgia would be getting back its most talented quarterback since Matthew Stafford, who turned pro after his true junior year in Athens. Stafford had to do it, as he was the No. 1 overall pick by the Detroit Lions in the 2009 NFL Draft. Beck could be that 16 years later, albeit after five years in school. To me, this is a prime example of what NIL was intended for, to reward those who made their name in college.

A lot can happen between now and the middle of January, but expect for Beck to stay at Georgia.

Let's discuss what this means for the UGA quarterbacking depth chart, as well as the sport itself.

Georgia football rumors: Carson Beck leaning towards staying in school

If Beck were to return for one final year, that would almost certainly mean that either of his promising backups in Brock Vandagriff or Gunner Stockton will transfer, possibly both. Vandagriff is a local product from nearby Bogart. Keep in mind that his father is the head football coach at nearby Prince Avenue Christian, a school where many Georgia football coaches and staffers send their kids to play.

Stockton could transfer too, but keep in mind that he was a prized recruit by Georgia offensive coordinator Mike Bobo when he was on Will Muschamp's staff at South Carolina. Fate would have it, all three men came to Athens to either work or play for head coach Kirby Smart. Truth be told, I think there is a chance both Stockton and Vandagriff could stay, but that quarterback room is getting full...

If Stockton and Vandagriff were to stay and back up Beck for another year, that would be three former blue-chip prospects having to mentor two young whippersnappers in five-star Dylan Raiola and four-star Ryan Puglisi who are coming aboard next year. Beck could help bring along both Raiola and Puglisi, but it is hard to envision all five of these quarterbacks staying and playing for Georgia in 2024.

Honestly, it would not be shocking to see one of Beck's four backups make their way either to Eugene to play for Dan Lanning at Oregon or to Syracuse to play for Fran Brown, who will be taking over the Orange's football program once this season reaches conclusion for Georgia. Of course, there are plenty of other schools in the ACC and the SEC closer to Athens that would love a new quarterback.

Beck returning to Athens and being compensated is a great thing, but there will be fallout from this.

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