Gilbert Arenas has refreshingly honest take for retired NBA players blowing smoke

Appearing on a All-NBA veteran podcast, the former NBA star was able to face facts about if he currently played in the NBA

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Appearing on Podcast P with Paul George, Gilbert Arenas spoke about whether the long-time veteran could come out of retirement and play in the NBA right now. The three-time All-NBA veteran said that he would not be able to compete with today's NBA athletes. Agent Zero continued by saying:

"NO, NO, NO. Shut up man, we seen what you looked like at the end. We be acting like we finished averaging 30, no we finished averaging 4 and 5, ten years ago. Crazy as hell. Hell nah."

The basketball legend finished in his NBA career during the 2011-12 season, playing 17 games for the Memphis Grizzlies. He had a great run with the Washington Wizards where he was able to lead the franchise as an All-Star for three straight years. While he has had a great career, Arenas is in his second life in the NBA cycle as a commentator. With all of this in mind, why don't other NBA stars retire before things start to be extremely terrible?

Why don't NBA stars retire before things get extremely rough for them on the court?

To be quite honest, it's hard for any veteran who has spent a good chunk of time in the NBA to hang up their basketball shoes at the highest level. These people have worked on basketball for their entire lives and have been able to get themselves into the top 500 of the basketball world for a considerable amount of time. Also, franchises offer these players contracts that they can't refuse.

Yes, these former all-stars are not getting tens of millions of dollars but they will at least get the veteran's minimum which is a lot of money for any person. To be clear, if any franchise is offering these players money, they should take it. It's hard for any veteran to retire as this has likely been their passion ever since they were a little kid. At the end of the day, it's hard for NBA stars to let go of the jersey which is why these stars often go out sad.

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