Golly! Vikings QB Kirk Cousins has never come this close to cursing

The winless Minnesota Vikings are rebuilding before Kirk Cousins' very eyes. He does not like that.

Kirk Cousins, Minnesota Vikings
Kirk Cousins, Minnesota Vikings / Stephen Maturen/GettyImages

Kirk Cousins has had an outstanding NFL career as a former fourth-round pick by Washington out of Michigan State. Firmly in his 30s, the four-time Pro Bowler is what he is for the Minnesota Vikings, a top-10 quarterback on his best days, and the butt of a bad joke on his worst. Regardless, his team is 0-3 and is missing guys like Adam Thielen badly. Clearly, the frustration is emanating out of Cousins.

While he is trying to be a good example for his kids, Cousins was this close to swearing at the podium on Wednesday. He may claim to be getting better at handling adversity at this stage of his pro career, but he does understand that time is running out on his prime. To make matters even worse, it is abundantly clear that general manager Kwesi Adofo-Mensah wants to blow this thing up oh, so badly.

This is the last year the Vikings will have Cousins under contract in terms of base salary. He would be a cap hit of $28.5 million in 2024, his age-36 season out Michigan State, but can hit unrestricted free agency. Frankly, it does not seem like he is done playing ball. He quarterbacked the Vikings to a 13-4 record only a year ago. There is still plenty left in the tank, but that tank of gas may run out elsewhere.

Ooh-wee, the Vikings are bad, so bad that it might make Captain Kirk say a word you can't say on TV.

The only saving grace for the Vikings right now is they play in the same division as the Chicago Bears.

Kirk Cousins looked like he was this close to swearing at the podium, man

There is always a quarterback who fans shamelessly dump on, but will never fully appreciate until he is gone. Matt Ryan was that for 14 years in Atlanta. He was never going to be Michael Vick, well, because he was better. Cousins is not a borderline Pro Football Hall of Fame player like Ryan was, but enough of the Cousins slander, please. The Vikings are going to miss him so terribly once he leaves.

The good news is the Vikings are entering the downtick in their competitive life cycle at the right time. The 2024 NFL Draft could yield us upwards of six first-round quarterbacks. Caleb Williams out of USC and Drake Maye out of North Carolina feel like top-five locks. Quinn Ewers of Texas and Michael Penix Jr. out of Washington feel like sure-fire first-rounders. There could be a few more guys as well.

Fate would have it, the Vikings' season will be on the line vs. Thielen's new employer in the Carolina Panthers. That game will be in Charlotte. Should Bryce Young and Carolina prove victorious, the only person who will be clapping his hands like a buffoon to Purple Rain in Minneapolis will be Adofo-Mensah. This is what it sounds like when doves cry. No wonder he did not want to hire Jim Harbaugh.

Even if his career record mark dips below .500 this season, I still know that Cousins is a good player.

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