Grading each NFL head coaching hire so far this offseason

Coaching matters, so let's hope these NFL teams that hired a new one got it right this time around.

Jim Harbaugh, Michigan Wolverines
Jim Harbaugh, Michigan Wolverines / Stacy Revere/GettyImages
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Seattle Seahawks hired former Baltimore Ravens defensive coordinator Mike Macdonald

The Seattle Seahawks took their sweet time with this, but managed to make one of the better head-coaching hires of this offseason cycle. They ended up going with former Baltimore Ravens defensive coordinator Mike Macdonald shortly after his former team was eliminated from the postseason. Macdonald is a young 36 years old, but he stems from both Harbaugh coaching trees: Jim and John.

Is he too green for the job? I don't think that really matters, to be honest. What I like the most about this hiring by Seattle is they did not buy into the Dan Quinn hype. That would have been a recipe for disaster for both parties, as reaching into one's past is not a great way to solve any solution. It would have put Quinn in a familiar place, but is a pressure-filled spot. Macdonald should not feel any of this.

To me, the Seahawks landed a younger, up-and-coming defensive mind without all the baggage of a Quinn or another Pete Carroll disciple. Either the Seahawks re-invent themselves under Macdonald or they float off into irrelevancy somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. This feels like a low-risk, high-reward type of hiring, the kind that may work perfectly in the geographically isolated metropolis of Seattle.

Macdonald is a great coaching candidate, one that Jody Allen is not going to be ripped for hiring.

Grade: A