Grading each NFL head coaching hire so far this offseason

Coaching matters, so let's hope these NFL teams that hired a new one got it right this time around.

Jim Harbaugh, Michigan Wolverines
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Washington Commanders hired former Dallas Cowboys defensive coordinator Dan Quinn

Not to say the Washington Commanders dragged their feet in hiring Dan Quinn to be their next head coach, but it certainly took a minute. While he definitely earned his next opportunity to lead an NFL team after crashing and burning in Atlanta, there are certainly mixed reviews about the former defensive coordinator of the Dallas Cowboys taking over one of their bitter division rival next season.

There are things I like about the Quinn hiring. First, he will assemble a great staff. He did so in Atlanta and he will do so now in Washington. Second, the Commanders will absolutely be taking a quarterback No. 2 overall in the 2024 NFL Draft. Quinn had great success in Atlanta when he had Matt Ryan under center for him. And third, he carries with him a big chip on his shoulder after the Falcons.

However, there are things about this hire I do not like. First, he was clearly not Washington's first choice. The Commanders wanted Ben Johnson before he bowed out of the race, desperately wanting to get Mike Macdonald when their ace in the hole was no longer that. Second, Quinn is a cliche factory, and that gets old fast. And third, his defenses in Atlanta were pitifully bland and terrible.

While I do wish him the best in Washington, I can understand why there are mixed reviews on the hire.

Grade: B-

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