Has a No. 7 seed ever beaten a No. 2 seed before in the NFL playoffs?

Prior to the Green Bay Packers stunning the Dallas Cowboys, a No. 2 seed always beat a No. 7.
Dak Prescott, Lukas Van Ness, Dallas Cowboys, Green Bay Packers
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We just saw something that has never happened before. Although the final score may indicate otherwise, the Green Bay Packers completely dominated the Dallas Cowboys during Super Wild Card Weekend. Wild Card Weekend has always been all the rage, but it got even more Super with the addition of two more teams to the postseason field in 2020. It added more games, but more duds.

The idea behind the NFL adding one more playoff team to each conference was about one thing and one thing only: Money. The root of all evil or the driving force of everything. Love it or hate it, this maneuver was all about getting two more playoff games for the league's broadcasting partners, as well as keeping more of the NFL's 32 fanbases engaged in possible playoff berths in the final week.

Up until Sunday night, the No. 7 seed never had much of a shot vs. the No. 2 seed. Prior to the playoff structure changes, the No. 2 seed also got a first-round bye like the top-seeded team. In the advent of that variation of playoff expansion, No. 6 seeds beat No. 1 seeds often enough. In fact, No. 6 seeds actually won Super Bowls. For the first time ever, a No. 7 seed lived to fight another day in the NFL.

No, a No. 7 seed had never beaten a No. 2 seed in the NFL playoffs prior to Green Bay beating Dallas.

NFL Playoffs: Has a No. 2 seed ever beaten a No. 7 seed before?

Despite the first three games of Super Wild Card Weekend being all blowouts with the Houston Texans, the Kansas City Chiefs and now the Packers all advancing effortlessly, this is still a pretty cool thing that just happened for the NFL. Dallas' great disappointment might force owner Jerry Jones to fire Mike McCarthy and hire someone like a Jim Harbaugh or a Bill Belichick to replace him in 2024.

For Green Bay, Matt LaFleur's team will continue to play with house money. If the Packers are indeed riding a heater of a lifetime, then they have nothing to lose vs. the top-seeded San Francisco 49ers in their NFC Divisional Round game next week. Now imagine living in a world where the No. 7 seed beat the No. 2 and No. 1 seeds in succession. I would not want to be the No. 3, No. 4, No. 5 or No. 6 seeds.

Ultimately, there is nothing quite like seeing long-time Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett having to explain what the hell happened in Jerryworld years after he was let go from clapping on the sidelines in Dallas. Eight teams will already have new head coaches next year. Expect for that number to grow to nine, as Jones would tarmac McCarthy if it was an away game. With it at home, a parking lot will do.

Enjoy one of the biggest upset wins in NFL history, Packers fans! Savor all those precious Miller Lites.

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