Who is the heaviest college football player in 2023?

Size is king in the trenches and these college football players have plenty.
Florida lineman Desmond Watson
Florida lineman Desmond Watson / James Gilbert/GettyImages

You can't teach size. So the heaviest college football players definitely bring something unique to the table.

Of course, there's a balance between size and mobility. Even the biggest linemen out there have to figure out what weight serves them best whether on the defensive or offensive side of the ball. Bigger isn't always better. But bigger can be pretty dang useful.

For someone like Desmond Watson from Florida, being 439 pounds is working. The nose tackle had 25 tackles and 1.5 tackles for loss in 2022. He's back as one of the biggest players in the country. But he's no longer the biggest. Who is?

Heaviest college football players in 2023

  1. TCU's Brione Ramsey-Brooks — 6-foot-5, 455 pounds
  2. Florida's Desmond Watson — 6-foot-5, 439 pounds
  3. Jackson State's Maximus Gibbs — 6-foot-7, 390 pounds
  4. Texas A&M's Samu Taumanupepe — 6-foot-3, 380 pounds
  5. Syracuse's Kalan Ellis — 6-foot-6, 375 pounds
  6. Clemson's Zach Owens — 6-foot-7, 375 pounds
  7. Oregon State's Tyler Voltin — 6-foot-4, 372 pounds
  8. Arkansas' Ian Geffrard — 6-foot-5, 370 pounds
  9. Texas' Paxton Kirkland — 6-foot-6, 367 pounds
  10. Missouri's Logan Reichart — 6-foot-6, 366 pounds

TCU freshman Brione Ramsey-Brooks is an absolute load at 455 pounds. The three-star prospect almost certainly needs to trim down before he sees action for the Horned Frogs on the offensive line. For now, he holds the crown of the largest college football player in the country.

At No. 3, Maximus Gibbs is the most aptly-named of the big linemen in college football. After starting his career at USC, Gibbs transfered to Jackson State and will look to make his mark there.

If you're watching games involving Texas A&M, Syracuse, Clemson, Oregon State, Arkansas, Texas or Missouri, you can also get a glimpse at some big dudes who may resemble mountains on the football field.

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