5 historic NFL QBs who would crush it today

The NFL hasn't always been the quarterback-driven league that it is today. We go back in history to see which greats could have become Hall of Famers in today's game.

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1. Randall Cunningham, Original Career: 1985 to 2001

Randall Cunningham's career feels like one big snub at times. He was snubbed out of the 1990 NFL MVP. He was snubbed out of a longer career as a starter because most coaches didn't know what to do with him. He finished second in MVP voting twice. The league couldn't even throw him an Offensive Player of the Year award.

If Randall Cunningham was a college prospect today, he would be looked at as a clear-cut number-one overall pick. He has all the skills to succeed in the NFL today. He runs the right way and can throw it a mile. He avoided mistakes while making monster plays for those 80s Eagles teams. This was a superstar beyond what the NFL was ready for in that time period.

Today, Cunningham could be a $40 million quarterback. He would be a franchise changer. Teams would line up to build their entire team around his abilities. Could he throw for 4,000 yards and rush for 1,000? Could he even stretch it to 5,000? We're talking silly numbers, but they aren't out of the question.

Cunningham probably should be in the Hall of Fame already based on his peak, but the way the NFL worked back then, it didn't last long. He'd avoid most of the hits he took if he played today. That would lead to a Hall of Fame career.

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